Marion Gough and Martin Hill

Le Bourg
12260 Ambeyrac

Marion is half French. Martin is full English.
We both love life & food and we think we’ve found a beautiful place to share these things with you.

Marion blames her French grandmother for her obsession with food and her compulsion to feed people (her friends don’t complain!) She loves growing and eating veg and has a passion for baking.

Martin is an 11 times marathon runner and a keen cyclist. He loves trees and birds and wants to change the world, but has developed a convincing cover as an IT professional. Marion cooks. Martin doesn’t, but he can suggest spectacular hiking trails, bike rides or runs.

Tel: (00 33) 565 65 86 18 (French landline)

         (00 33) 787 53 29 68 (French mobile)


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